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Make more money, more efficiently with the new online Ag Exchange grain marketing service.

At Ag Exchange Group, our goal is to help growers and buyers to more efficiently and more profitably manage, market, purchase and supply grain commodities.

Our Ag Exchange service provides a members-only community where Growers and Buyers interact for mutual benefit, creating bids and asks with real‐time notification of new opportunities to buy or sell grain. Grower and Buyer community members have unlimited access to Ag Exchange via a web browser; there are no transaction fees, the offers that members see are real and our reporting system provides valuable insights for operations management. Ag Exchange complements existing farm management tools, beginning where they end, delivering Real Bids from Real Buyers, for Real Profits in Real Time!



Managing and marketing your grain inventory is a critical factor in your financial success. The markets are getting ever more complex and the Ag Exchange service is there to help you on your way to success.

From traceability records through proactive marketing to our Buyer community and instant communications from Buyers when an opportunity occurs, Ag Exchange is your grain marketing future.

No more calling around to find out the posted price and then negotiating from there. No more wondering whether or not the Buyer or the bid are real. On Ag Exchange, all Buyers are licensed and bonded – the prices and the offers you see are real and contracts are binding commitments.


Got an opportunity but tired of calling Grower after Grower to see if you can close the deal? Want to efficiently source your commodities? Want to reduce your acquisition risk? Now you can with Ag Exchange.

Ag Exchange Buyers have access to all Ag Exchange Growers within their buying region. With the click of a button you can see what is available from on‐farm inventories and make an offer to your selected growers – a real, online bid without a single phone call.

You could have the order filled within minutes rather than investing days or weeks of effort. And there is no need to follow up with paper based contracts – grower contract acceptance is done entirely on–line.