Introducing AGEX!

Introducing AGEX!

New name, new app, new offerings… keep up to date on your agriculture marketplace!

You have been telling us how to improve our service, and we have listened. AGEX is now your agriculture marketplace!

But what does that mean? All our product offerings are now in one place – the official AGEX app!.

Introducing AGEX!
Introducing AGEX!

We have streamlined our services to serve you better!

The AGEX app is now where you can sell your crop or buy fuel, chemical and hay for your farm in a secure and transparent manner. 

But that's not all! Users now receive...

  • Unlimited use for buyers and sellers
    • No transaction fees
  • Improved performance and security
    • All notifications and transactions take place in-app
    • One account and log-in to buy and sell all products… coming this July
    • Comprehensive analytics to fully inform your decisions when selling grain… launching fall 2024
  • New product offerings
    • Introducing… hay!
      • You can now buy and sell hay right on AGEX
    • Dark Horse – the fifth “R” of 4R management
      • Integrated water intelligence for precision agriculture
Introducing AGEX!

As a show of gratitude for your loyalty, renew today and receive a special renewal price of $499!

Thank YOU!